H2O protectorH2O PROTECTOR.
Originating in the past with a modern twist to improve the present.

H20 Protector is the result of painstaking research carried out by Olmetex.
It is a unique and exclusive fabric whose peculiarity is a natural resistance to water. [read more]

Naturally, silk cannot be excluded from a collection of a company from Como. A classical product, developed and designed by Olmetex, with our special finishing processes to make it waterproof so that it can be used for casual and sportswear raincoats, Olmetex specific area of expertise.

Cotton and cotton blends are also included in the Olmetex range of products. Both plain and fancy yarn dyed, so that it is possible to develop particular designs for any customers’ special requests.

Nylon and polyester microfibres are always more requested and appreciated.

The continuing research and development and investment in new technology allows Olmetex to offer specialised technical finishing for sportswear with particular emphasis to the golfwear market.